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6F-22 9V Mang Blister 1 Pk

  • Value for money battery.
  • Suitable for low or constant drain devices.
  • Mercury and Cadmium free.
  • Best before date shown on battery.
  • Also known as 6F22

For the value conscious consumer, Zinc Manganese batteries are reliable and affordable offering good value for money. These batteries are typically used in low or constant drain appliances such as smoke alarms, clocks, weighing scales and remote controls. Maxell offers a complete range of both blister card and shrink wrapped batteries to cater for all needs. Please dispose of used batteries in a responsible manner.

Nominal Voltage


Height (mm)


Weight (g)


Width (mm)


Length (mm)


Chemical System

Zinc Manganese Dioxide

SKU Pack Barcode Inner Barcode Outer Barcode  Inner Qty Outer Qty Pallet Qty
724020 4902580150396 20 200 6400

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