Maxell Within the Future

Company Profile

Maxell Europe Ltd (MEL) have been established in the UK for over 40 years, its head office is located in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire.

MEL is a sister company of Maxell (Japan) which have been a leader in its field since 1961, in developing and introducing cutting- edge products in the consumer and industrial industry. Our business began with dry cell batteries, the origin of the company name “Maxell” was derived from the phrase, “maximum capacity dry cell”, which has now become a renowned brand name in superior battery, optical and magnetic memory media products.

In 1980 Maxell (UK) Limited was established in the UK, later renaming in 1994 to Maxell Europe Limited (MEL).
MEL in line with corporate policy have always been devoted to providing our customers with the finest quality products and services through the most advanced technological and innovative ideas. In order to keep pace with ever-changing needs, Maxell will continue to uphold our corporate mission: “Supporting Smart Life, Peace of mind and Cheer Around People” by continuously investing into research and development of unique technology, key products in our fields of expertise and our employees.

Maxell Europe operates across the whole of EU, UK and EFTA trade areas.

Below is an abridged overview of our markets, segments and products;

Maxell Europe Limited Business Areas Markets Segments Main Products Application
Business to Business (B2B) Automotive Energy · Lithium Iron Rechargeable batteries (LIB)
· Micro batteries
Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)
Key fob
Industrial Materials · Lens (for vehicles) Automated driver assist systems (ADAS)
Vehicle lens systems
Infrastructure Energy · Lithium Iron Rechargeable batteries (LIB)
· Custom battery
Gas, Water, Electric Smart meter back up battery.
To customer spec.
Medical Energy · Micro batteries Battery for hearing aids
Business to Consumer (B2C) Consumers Consumables · CDR, DVD, USB, SD Cards etc Record data, video, sound etc
Accessories Headphones and Earphones both wired and wireless
Volume limited headphones for children
Music and sound peripherals
Batteries · Alkaline battery
· Zinc battery
· Silver oxide micro battery
· Lithium micro battery
· Zinc Air batteries
Torches, Toys, Cameras, calculators etc
Clocks / Watches / Alarm systems etc
Hearing Aids

Packaging and product recycling information

Recycling is an essential step in minimizing waste and reducing the environmental impact of electronic products and batteries. Maxell have created pages to help our customers to recycle correctly.