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The PSB401010H ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery has been well received for its ability to operate in high temperature ranges.
Maxell Ltd have developed an ultrasonic cleaning lens unit that combines in-car camera lens unit and ultrasonic techniques.
It has been bought to our attention that counterfeit packaging of CR5 piece may pose a risk to child safety.
Maxell will be showcasing their ceramic all-solid-state battery at the International Robot Exhibition 2023: iREX2023 in Tokyo Japan.
Maxell announce a new cylindrical all-solid-state battery with 25 times the capacity of a ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery.
Maxell, Ltd. has developed a miniaturized high-definition display called Bright Mirror Display (BM-Display)
Maxell Ltd has collaborated on the development of a low current consumption evaluation module kit compatible with energy harvesting techniques.
Maxell have successfully developed high-capacity products that offer twice the capacity compared to the current “Air Patch Battery II” series.
Maxell’s all-solid-state battery has been gathering a lot of attention and been hailed as the next generation rechargeable battery.
Maxell Europe would like to take this opportunity to share some exciting news from their parent company in Japan.
Maxell Europe Ltd are proud to share a recent article from Newsweek, demonstrating Maxell’s ability to create the world’s first ever small size sulfide based all solid state battery, which will go into mass production in 2023.
Maxell Ltd is constantly innovating in the field of battery energy.
Maxell is proud to announce they are the first in the world to start sample shipment of Sulfide based, coin type “all-solid-state” battery, specialized for high voltage and high output.
Maxell is pleased to announce the launch of the Zinc Air batteries into their battery portfolio.
New for Autumn 2020, Maxell Europe is pleased to introduce a new addition to the Bass 13 family. Introducing the new Bass 13 True Wireless earbuds.
From the Tuesday 1st  September, Maxell Europe will be relocating the UK head office to our new premises in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire.
New for Autumn 2019, Maxell Europe is pleased to introduce a collection of wireless headphones and earphones collectively known as Bass 13.
Maxell Ltd. are delighted to announce from Spring 2019, Maxell Ltd. will strategically enter the global projector market, by launching a new range of maintenance-free Laser and LED light source projectors.