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Zinc Air Announcement

Maxell is pleased to announce the launch of the Zinc Air batteries into their battery portfolio.

These batteries, available in four sizes, are suitable for hearing aids that use disposable batteries including wireless models (those models that connect to smart devices).

This style of battery has tiny holes which allows air to come into contact with the zinc stored inside and start the activation. They are designed to be inactive until the sticker is removed, so it is recommended not to pull off the sticker until you need to use them. After several seconds of activation time, the battery begins to produce current.

Zinc Air batteries follow an “all or nothing” principle, there is no gradual decline in power. They work at full power until you hear the low battery warning and then stop entirely.

These batteries come in a user-friendly wheel style packaging, making it easy to take out the correct number of batteries that are needed. The sticker once peeled can be used on a calendar to keep track of the when you changed the battery.

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