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All-Solid-State Batteries

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Maxell’s proprietary technologies include surface treatment, mixing, dispersion, coating, molding and encapsulation.

These specialized technologies are what enable Maxell’s all-solid-state batteries to achieve both high capacity and high load1. All-solid-state batteries inherently exceed conventional lithium-ion batteries in longevity2 and heat resistance, making Maxell’s all-solid-state battery apt for applications that were once inaccessible due to the limitations of conventional lithium-ion batteries. Maxell has lined up 3 types of exterior to propose a specification to meet customer’s request.

All-Solid-State Battery Range

Coin Type

Ceramic Packaged Type

Bipolar Type

Combining Maxell’s analog core technologies, such as Mixing & Dispersion Technology and High Precision Molding & Forming Technology, and know-hows cultivated through manufacturing lithium-ion batteries and micro batteries for many years, high performance and high reliability of its all-solid-state battery has been achieved.

By using ceramic package for its exterior, balancing of high heat resistance and high sealing properties have been actualized, while maintaining capacity and output characteristics of the coin type all-solid-state battery.

Moreover, by adopting a bipolar structure, coin type all-solid-state battery specialized for high voltage and high input/output4 has successfully been achieved to meet diversifying demand of the market.

  1. Wide Operating Temperature
    Coin type can be discharged at the temperature range from -50 to +125 degrees C.
    Bipolar type can be discharged at the temperature range from -60 to +125 degrees C.
    Ceramic packaged type can be surface mounted on circuit board.
  2. High Capacity, High Output
    High rate discharge by adopting sulfide based solid electrolyte with high ion conductivity. High output more than 5V by adopting a bipolar structure.
  3. Long Life
    20yrs minimum performance stability.
  4. Heat Resistance, Surface Mountable
    Ceramic packaged type all-solid-state battery” with high heat resistance and high sealing properties. By employing ceramic packaging, balance of high heat resistance with high sealing properties have been actualized, while maintaining capacity and output characteristics of the coin type all-solid-state battery. Can be surface mounted on circuit board (reflow soldering). High sealing properties.
  5. High Safety
    No leakage of electrolyte and can be used in a severe environment.
All Solid State Battery Specifications

All-solid-state Batteries

In FY2023.

They are suitable for use in wearable devices that require high output as well as high safety and reliability for communication. Additionally, they are suitable for IoT, in-vehicle, FA devices that they are used in harsh environments and used for long period of time. Besides, ceramic packaged type is surface mountable on circuit board by reflow soldering.

Maxell uses argyrodite-type solid electrolyte made by Mitsui Kinzoku, which is not only highly ion conductive but also soft and easy to mold at room temperature. This makes it more advantageous to demonstrate Maxell’s analog core technologies such as dry mixing and dispersion, molding and sealing. Additionally, since the electrolyte does not require sintering process that is indispensable for oxide based solid electrolytes, the choice of materials is expanded, and battery characteristics can be dramatically improved.

The Maxell coin type all-solid-state battery has been realized by combining our proprietary material technologies with process technologies such as mixing, molding, and sealing. The material and process technology have been cultivated mainly by lithium-ion battery and micro battery business, respectively. Additionally, “Monozukuri-ryoku”, the manufacturing capabilities cultivated through manufacturing lithium-based batteries, is also being utilized.

The features of Maxell’s all-solid-state batteries are that they use argyrodite-type sulfide based solid electrolyte to achieve long life, high heat resistance, high capacity, and high output.

Maxell’s all-solid-state batteries can be differentiated by the fact that they are developed, designed and manufactured using Maxell’s unique analog core technologies of “mixing and dispersion” and “precision coating”.

Bipolar technology

Especially the lower temperature range has been successfully expanded because Maxell’s bipolar technology enables all-solid-state batteries to have higher voltage while suppressing resistance increase.

Bipolar technology is considered to be highly compatible in applications where high output and high energy are required, such as HEVs.

No limitations in theory. Maxell will propose specifications to meet customer’s request.

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