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Global leader of world class products in the fields of energy and storage since the 1960’s

Maxell were one of the first companies to develop Alkaline batteries and have since then gone from strength to strength placing ourselves as a world leader in production, design and research in many new and diverse products. Today that list includes not only consumer batteries, recordable media for consumers but many specialist and industrial batteries.

In today’s environment, Maxell leads competitors with globally important “greener” manufacturing and products in many areas, for example, strong CSR reports, recyclable packaging of many products, 0% mercury and 0% cadmium consumer batteries, and so on.

Here’s a piece of interesting trivia, did you know the name Maxell was formed by shortening the phrase “maximum capacity dry cell” to include only the first and last three letters thus creating Maxell.

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Packaging and product recycling information

Recycling is an essential step in minimizing waste and reducing the environmental impact of electronic products and batteries. Maxell have created pages to help our customers to recycle correctly.