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Maxell’s commitment to “Maximum Excellence” and our willingness to take bold approaches and to foster synergy across different fields will drive continuous improvement and growth. By blending analogue and digital technologies we will create impressive and exciting innovations whilst contributing to a sustainable society through these unique and original technologies.

We aim to shape the future and empower individuals, providing them with more freedom to enrich their lives. Our vision showcases a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and societal responsibility. This mission is sure to have a positive impact on the lives of many and help create a better world for the future.


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Latest News

The PSB401010H ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery has been well received for its ability to operate in high temperature ranges.
Maxell Ltd have developed an ultrasonic cleaning lens unit that combines in-car camera lens unit and ultrasonic techniques.
It has been bought to our attention that counterfeit packaging of CR5 piece may pose a risk to child safety.

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