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Maxell Develop Bright Mirror Displays

Maxell, Ltd. has developed a miniaturized high-definition display called Bright Mirror Display (BM-Display), which has the capability to project images on the front windshield of various vehicles like passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trains, as well as on shop window glass. The development of a high-efficiency backlight technology has enabled this advancement.

Maxell has been producing Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays (AR-HUD) for passenger cars since April 2021. By leveraging the high-efficiency backlight technology from AR-HUD, Maxell have been able to make BM-Display smaller (approximately 1.3L in size) and lighter (about 1kg), making it feasible to install in a wide range of vehicles where previously it was challenging to do so, such as small vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, and trains. Additionally, the BM-Display can also project images on clear glass in facilities, serving as digital signage.

This innovation represents a significant advancement in display technology, enhancing the possibilities for in-vehicle displays and digital signage applications.

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