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Maxell to mass produce world’s first small sized sulfide based all solid state battery in 2023

Maxell Europe Ltd are proud to share a recent article from Newsweek, demonstrating Maxell’s ability to create the world’s first ever small size sulfide based all solid state battery, which will go into mass production in 2023.

The all solid state battery is the next generation of battery for Maxell Ltd. It is specifically designed for both high voltage and high output and uses a sulfide-based electrolyte. The battery achieves this by adopting a bipolar structure that utilizes the characteristics of an all-solid-state battery.

The battery has been developed with new applications such as wearable technology, medical equipment as well as factory automations. Suitable for applications that require both high voltage and output, rather than a high energy density. The battery possesses characteristics of withstanding a wide range of temperatures, long life and comes with Maxell’s reputation for high safety.

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