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CR2025 (5×1) Card

  • 5 battery strip.
  • Suitable for devices that use coin cells.
  • Use by date on pack.
  • Made in Japan.

Coin cell batteries have become evermore popular over the years and are found in a number of small electronic devices and products including medical devices such as children’s thermometers all the way through to every day products such as watches, calculators, toys, car key fobs, flameless candles and much more. In addition to this, they feature excellent leakage resistance. Please dispose of used batteries in a responsible manner. Keep out of reach of small children.

Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity (mAh)*1


Nominal Discharge Current (mA)


Operating Temperature range (deg. C)*2

-20 to +85

Diameter (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (g)*3


Chemical System

Lithium Manganese Dioxide

What to do when your child has ingested a button / coin cell?

In event of battery ingestion, seek immediate medical attention at a hospital or emergency room.
Do not let your child eat or drink until an x-ray can determine if a battery is present.
If you still have the battery packaging or the device containing the battery take this with you to help the doctor identify the battery type and chemistry.

How to correctly dispose of your Lithium batteries

The battery may be regulated by national or local regulation. Please follow the instructions of proper regulation. As electric capacity is left in a discarded battery and it comes into contact with other materials, it may lead to distortion, leakage, overheating, or explosion, so make sure to cover the (+) and (-) terminals with friction tape or some other insulator before disposal.
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